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Solero Technologies is dedicated to the manufacturing of high-quality, reliable products. Our policies reflect our mission to exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement and zero defect partnerships.

We actively seek to grow existing strategic partnerships and develop new relationships. Our supplier manual and forms act as resources and procedures to facilitate world-class quality and services.


Terms of Sales


Solero Technologies Supplier Manual
Solero Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Supplier Bulletins

ERP-EDI Change for Solero Technologies, LLC
M220315 Solero CEO Announcement Release

Supplier Summits

2022 Q1 Supplier Summit

Supplier Forms

GSM-F001 Solero Technologies Supplier Questionnaire
GSM-F002 Technical Site Assessment
GSM-F004 We Are Ready – Audit
GSM-F005 PPAP Check Sheet
GSM-F007 8D Report Template
GSM-F008 I-Chart
GSM-F009 CS2 Assesment Form – I-Chart
GSM-F010 Supplier QSB Assessment
GSM-F012 Packaging Form
GSM-F013 C-TPAT Supplier Status
GSM-F015 VDA 6.3 Process Audit
GSM-F017 Prototype Samples Submission Form
GSM-F018 Early Production Containment Commitment (EPC)
GSM-F019 APQP Kick-off Checklist
GSM-F023 Team Feasibility Commitment
GSM-F024 Special – Pass Through Characteristics Form
GSM-F025 Supplier Tooling Checklist
GSM-F026 Supplier Tooling Data
GSM-F027 Sub-Supplier Matrix
GSM-F028 Capacity Analysis (Ford authorized) CAR 5.6
GSM-F028 Rapid Plant Assessment
GSM-F028 Anti-Bribery Questionnaire for Companies
GSM-F032 APQP Status Form
GSM-F033 Cleanliness Audit
GSM-F040 Supplier Rust Prevention Audit
GSM-F041 Structured eSCR Change Presentation ExampleWater Valley, MS


2114 Austin Avenue
Rochester Hills, MI 48309

Manufacturing Facility

600 Highway 32 East
Water Valley, MS 38965