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At Solero Technologies, we leverage our decades of experience and deep intellectual property portfolio to deliver products that exceed customer expectations for quality and precision.


Our high precision, pressure regulating solenoids help transmissions run smoother, contributing to cleaner and more efficient vehicles, longer vehicle life cycles and a healthier environment.

Electro-mechanical solenoid valves and Hydraulic Control Modules (HCM) for planetary, continuously variable transmission (CVT) and hybrid transmission architectures.


Direct Acting, Pilot, Flow-control, On/Off and Linear Force Solenoids.

Module integration for transmission hydraulic systems. Integrated pressure sensor, thermistor, and range sensor.

Stop-Start Accumulators with high flow, low leakage, and integrated check valve.


Precision designs featuring low leak, low hysteresis and highly repeatable performance characteristics.

Pressure stable through variations in supply pressure, temperature, and G loading.

Fast response time.

PRODUCTION capabilities

High volume production with vertical integration for many components.

Serialized performance traceability with cloud-based hosting for customer access.


Our industry-leading engine solenoid products are code developed and designed to achieve the highest level of efficiency and customer-specific product performance.

Electro-mechanical solenoids for linear motor, commercial and light duty applications.


Inlet metering valve for fuel flow regulation to high pressure pumps.

Cam timing solenoids for variable cam phasing. Variable force solenoids with low hysteresis and fast response.


Precision designs featuring low hysteresis and highly repeatable performance characteristics.

Robust designs to handle the harshest environments.

PRODUCTION capabilities

Flexible manufacturing with systematic process and quality controls with scalability to meet various market demand.

Electric Vehicles

As electric vehicles advance and mobility continues to transform, our engineering expertise and agile production approach allows us to rapidly evolve our EV capabilities.

Electro-hydraulic solenoid valves for EV motor cooling and electro-mechanical solenoids for mechanical shift actuation.


Motor Cooling Valves: High flow motor cooling valves for oil-based motor cooling. Peak and hold compatible for low current draw and efficient operation.


Precision designs featuring high flow, low-leak and highly repeatable performance characteristics.

PRODUCTION capabilities

Leverages high volume capacity capabilities and brings in next-gen EV technologies.

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